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“One cat just leads to another.”

– Ernest Hemingway

“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”

– Amy Poehler

Meet our two clinic cats! They help keep the clinic moving efficiently and keep the staff on their toes. Both play very special roles with the patients in keeping them comfortable and happy.

Dexter is a fluffy black and white long-haired cat with unconditional love and a cuddly personality. His favorite activities include long walks to the cat bed, napping, asking for food, and stealing the warm chairs of providers and patients. Dexter will be sure to let you know when he needs love!

Bert is a long haired Siamese cat with an adventurous and sassy personality. Bert can often be found with patients in their rooms helping with clinic visits. His favorite activities include hiding in cabinets, exploring the outdoors, working on his physique, and snuggling next to patients.

Simon was our original mascot for the clinic beginning in 2007. He was the eldest of our two adopted intern cats the other being Dexter. Simon loved to attend to all of our children and was an incredible cuddler to all our visitors. He was a remarkable friend and companion. We miss him dearly.