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Simon is the eldest of our two intern cats. Simon loves to attend to all of our children when they request his presence. He tends to comfort them when they are sick and lets them cuddle him whenever they choose. He relieves the tension and can console them when they prepare for their immunizations and lies with them when they are getting their IV’s. In return, he loves to get the attention they provide for him. Simon likes to jump in the staff chairs and look at you so innocently that you just have to let him take a nap or give him your undivided attention. He tends to be the overseer of the clinic while Dexter is the backup mascot.

Dexter on the other hand likes to visit with the office staff and nap the day away where ever he chooses to lite. He will go in with the children also on a more limited basis. Dexter is Simon’s best friend, his constant companion, and protector. They both like the attention of the staff, frequent brushing and, of course, mealtime and snacks. All in all they believe they make the clinic run most efficiently.